Jumping “The Pond”: Paydar’s quest to make BEST PARKS into a worldwide-recognized brand

We haven’t even visited half of the states in the U.S. yet, and I am already dreaming of faraway horizons. Well, a man named Reza Paydar is striving to make that dream a reality for many citizens around the world who want to visit here and park their RV.


(CC) photo courtesy of Bill Ward’s Brickpile

Will new cookie cutter standards help Best Parks owner-operated campgrounds pull ahead of the pack?

The race is on KOA…

Paydar is working to create worldwide-name recognition for the network of 70 campgrounds under the Best Parks brand, according to Steve Bibler at RV Business.

The Holiday Trav-L-Park is right down the street from where we park our beast in Virginia Beach, and I have actually wanted to stay there but it’s a tad pricey.  It’s a quirky place, well-landscaped with paved lots. However, it doesn’t hold a candle to Sunland RV Park in Southern California. Paydar owns Sunland, an RV resort chain where the lots are lined with bricks. Pretty swanky, eh?

The business guru is a 30-year veteran of the RV park industry so it should be exciting to see what changes he brings to Best Parks.

Bibler also adds, “Best Parks in America already has a strategic partnership with the Leading Campings of Europe, an organization similar to Best Parks in America, and the two are laying the groundwork for an organization that would have worldwide representation, from areas such as Australia, New England and South Africa.”

I take that to mean in the future it might be a little bit easier for Americans, who are used to the Best Parks systems, to jump over the “big pond” and try out some RV fun in Europe. At least I hope this “strategic partnership” benefits us Yankees somehow.

Leading Campings has 34 campsites throughout Europe, to include Germany, Austria, France, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg. The sites are member-owned and each have their own character.

For now, Paydar, chairman and owner, is partnering with David Gorin, Best Parks founder and president, to spruce up the company website and online reservation capabilities; create consumer loyalty and reward programs; expand their advertising visibility here and abroad (concentrating on Europe, Australia and New Zealand); and develop brand compliance programs to assure quality standards across their various parks.

And, the interest seems to be there from the European perspective. According to Google Trends, people from Germany and Australia are third and fourth respectively on the list of nations searching the net for RV parks. The United States is first, followed by Canada, Finland comes in fifth, then New Zealand, Switzerland, Slovakia, Netherlands and Norway.

From my preliminary research, I discovered there is a small group of seasoned RV’ers already jumping The Pond from either side to travel around in their home on wheels. Three RV bloggers at MagBaz Travels share their experiences and the pros and cons of shipping their motorhomes back and forth. Yes, I said shipped.

Tom and Judy, two seasoned travelers from Florida, shipped their Winnebago View for $2,800 from Georgia to Belgium in 2007.  I still cannot get over the fact that they put their baby in a container and said goodbye to it until they saw it on the other side of the ocean.

However bloggers Barry and Margaret, who maintain MagBaz warn, “If you intend staying in the USA for less than 3 months, it really isn’t worth the effort and expense of shipping and/or buying, as long-term hire is readily available.”

I imagine the same goes for Americans who want to rent in Europe. It is something I intend to find out and blog about later.

Barry and Margaret are inspiring and prolific in their travels.

They said, “Well into our 17th year of post-retirement travel, we have no regrets and can imagine no other way of living.”

Despite the uncertainties that surround the nomadic lifestyle, RV ownership is gaining ground. In 2005, there were 7.9 million of us on the road and in 2011, the mobile crew clocked in at 8.9 million strong, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) 2011 survey of American households.
We are excited to be a part of this mobile movement even if I currently feel overwhelmed by a million and one things to figure out. So much to see and do!
If anyone has any insight on how to rent a RV and travel around this great big world, drop us a line!
Happy Trails,
Melissa and CR

Melissa and CR LeGates are two God-fearing sinners who love travelling the highways together in their 25-foot Winnebago Itasca Navion IQ RV with their four-legged furry angels by their side. Come along on our journey as we see what adventures God has in store for us!

Info at a glance:

Best Parks site: http://www.bestparksinamerica.com/

European campground Leading Campingshttp://www.leadingcampings.co.uk/about-us.asp

Source article: http://www.rvbusiness.com/2013/02/reza-paydar-new-majority-owner-of-best-parks/

To ship or rent: http://www.magbaztravels.com/content/view/1365/30/


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