Pressure cooker lesson #1: Don’t remove the rocker unless you enjoy the smell of shrimp juice in your ceiling!

I had one of the best laughs of my life in our Winnebago Navion IQ motor home today. My husband and I live in 25-feet of semi-comfortable luxury (this is up for debate at the moment), so needless to say space is at a premium. Therefore, I do most of our cooking from a pressure cooker.

Tonight, I discovered the golden rule of preparing diner with this nifty tool: do not remove the rocker until the pot is completely cooled. And I mean not a drop of heat hanging around its steel-bottomed frame.

I knew this! I really did but somehow it escaped my memory earlier, and I removed the little topper. I don’t know why…

Immediately, a blast of shrimp steam escaped from the teen-tiny little hole on the lid and shot straight into the air like a geyser. It wouldn’t have been so bad except I can easily touch my carpeted-ceiling without any effort and it quickly soaked it.

My husband exclaimed, “Honey, my Lord!”

Which of course sent me into a peal of giggles and rendered me incapable of placing the rocker (which I had to play hot potato with since it was well HOT!) back on top the lid to stop the onslaught of steam.

It went everywhere. I will probably find sticky stuff in corners for weeks.

Sadly, I thought I was starting to get the hang of pressure cooker cuisine, so I had decided to wing it to create a shrimp low-mein masterpiece. Who needs to follow directions anyway?

Instead, we got a low-mein noodle bowl (with very few noodles) because they never thawed from the lump of frozen noodles we bought from the Chinese grocery store.

I am still giggling as I relive my very own geyser exploding in my kitchen/bedroom/living room.

I swear a descendant from the man who designed heels must have decked out this roving travel paradise. Really what women would glue down carpet onto a surface that is not easily cleaned? None!

Or at least not a woman who actually cleans her own house or RV.

So now I have shrimp juice saturated into my ceiling. I am hoping that doesn’t leave a unslightly circular residue up there or worse smell, which I have absolutely no idea how to resolve. On a regular carpet, I know you pour salt onto wine stains so it will soak up the red liquid without soaking into the surrounding area. Then you vacuum up the dried salt/wine mixture. Well, I cannot exactly employ that technique here.

Ahhhh, the joys of living in an RV!

Don’t get me wrong we are still lovin’ the vagabond lifestyle but we are thinking hard about upgrading for a few more feet of necessary elbow room and cabinet space to store a few different kind of pots and pans. We shall see…

Do you have any funny RV blunders that STILL make you slap your knees in laughter? If so, drop us a line in the comments section. CR and I would enjoy knowing we are not alone in the occasional imbecile department. 

Happy Trails,

Melissa and CR


Melissa and CR LeGates are two God-fearing sinners who love travelling the highways together in their 25-foot Winnebago Itasca Navion IQ RV with their four-legged furry angels by their side. Come along on our journey as we see what adventures God has in store for us!


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